Help Us Save 

Summit County Pets!

Do you love animals?

Are you concerned about the overpopulation of companion and stray animals in our community?

If your pet was lost, would you want the ability to view the animals inside Summit County Animal Control to make sure your pet was not inside?

So would we. 


Do you want to see animals available for adoption in person rather than having to choose from digital or printed picture? Would you like to see open public hours rather than potential adopters having to make an appointment to look at photos at Summit County Animal Control?

As a taxpayer you should have these rights.

Do you believe that even the homeless animals awaiting adoption at our county-funded shelter should be treated well, and as a tax payer, you should have visibility into their treatment?

So do we.

We're in the News! 

Check out the story in the Akron Beacon Journal here.